45/15 Rotational, Commissioning Manager

Dear All! We are looking candidates for Commissioning Manager position (Expat position).

Kashagan (offshore) – 45/15.


Responsibilities: Manage all testing and commissioning activities for all Systems in EPC4, safely and efficiently, including managing the interfaces with support from Construction, Company and Operations.


• Prepare a Commissioning Schedule for based on the Commissioning Procedure, to ensure all activities are logically managed.

• Manage and coordinate the on-site project commissioning activities after clearance has been received from the Site Manager.

• Managing all Pre-Commissioning activities for each System prior to energization to ensure safe starting of Commissioning phase.


• Overall management of site pre-commissioning and final commissioning works for each commissioning Stage/System of the EPC4 project, including directing and reviewing works by internal and external personnel (subcontractors) to ensure delivery of all planned testing and commissioning services.


• Lead the virtual test and commissioning team during the project, to ensure all activities occur in line with the plan. • Issuing and signing the Pre-Commissioning Certificate (PCC) once all related activities have been completed. CVs to


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