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Applus+ is one of the world’s leading Testing, Inspection & Certification companies. It provides solutions for customers in all types of industries to ensure that their assets and products meet quality, health & safety, and environmental standards and regulations.

Applus + has over 22,800 employees in more than 70 countries on all continents, with revenues of €1,676 million in 2018.

The company has specialized services in 4 divisions:

• ENERGY & INDUSTRY DIVISION: Industrial and environmental inspection, technical assistance, non-destructive testing (NDT) and technical staffing.
• LABORATORIES DIVISION: Product testing and certification in unique multi-technological state-of-the-art laboratories.
• AUTOMOTIVE DIVISION: World’s second largest regulatory vehicle inspections’ operator in terms of volume of inspections.
• IDIADA DIVISION: Provider of design, engineering, certification, safety-testing and test-track services to the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers.


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Street Lighting Engineer      Doha

Senior Street Lighting Engineer   Doha

Chartered Senior Street Lighting Engineer    Doha

Geotechnical Engineer    Doha

Senior Geotechnical Engineer   Doha

Chartered Senior Geotechnical Engineer   Doha

ITS Engineer    Doha

Senior ITS Engineer      Doha

Chartered Senior ITS Engineer      Doha

Traffic Engineer    Doha

Senior Traffic Engineer   Doha

Chartered Senior Traffic Engineer   Doha

Structural Engineer Doha

Senior Structural Engineer   Doha

Chartered Senior Structural Engineer     Doha

Drainage Engineer    Doha

LDAR specialist ( Leak Detection and Repair )   Qatar

Senior Drainage Engineer    Doha

Chartered Senior Drainage Engineer   Doha

Drainage Expert     Doha

Roads Engineer    Doha

Senior Roads Engineer    Doha

Architect    Qatar

Senior Architect   Qatar

Contracts Engineer – Grade 2   Qatar

Contracts Engineer – Grade 1   Qatar

Senior Contracts Engineer    Qatar

Planning Engineer – Grade 2    Qatar

Planning Engineer – Grade 1    Qatar

Senior Landscape Architect     Qatar

Road Safety Auditor   Qatar

Hydrogeologist   Qatar

Senior Hydrogeologist   Qatar

Customer Relationship and Communications Lead    Qatar

Customer Relationship and Communications Coordinator   Qatar

Road Safety Engineer – Grade 2   Qatar

Road Safety Engineer – Grade 1   Qatar

Document Controller  Qatar

Bilingual Interpreter   Qatar

Secretary     Qatar

Executive Secretary     Qatar

Chartered Senior Roads Engineer    Doha

Customer Relationship and Communications Manager   Qatar

Landscape Architect    Qatar

Road Expert   Doha

Chartered Senior Landscape Architect    Qatar

Road Safety Specialist    Qatar

Chartered Senior Road Safety Specialist    Qatar

Materials Engineer – Grade 2     Qatar

Materials Engineer – Grade 1    Qatar

Technical Document Writer Support   Qatar

Labourers x 3    Caboolture

Buyer    Mesaieed

Emergency Response Member – ERT Safety   Mesaieed

EWP Spotter    Australia

Head of Pipelines   Doha

Lead Pipeline Engineer – Malaysia    Malaysia

HVAC Specialist – Oil and Gas Offshore    Doha

Head of Brownfield Engineering   Doha


Telecommunications Engineer   Doha

Project Manager / Resident Engineer – (Infrastructure, Pipeline Rehabilitation, Drainage Network)    Qatar

Project Manager (High rise Buildings, Industrial structures, Schools & Infra structural works)     Qatar

Project Director (High rise Buildings, Industrial structures, Schools & Infra structural works.)   Qatar

Planning Engineer(High rise Buildings, Industrial structures, Schools & Infra structural works)    Qatar

Project Hook-Up Specialist    Doha

Project Coordinator    Doha

Pipeline Specialist    Doha

Electrical Specialist     Doha

Head of Process Engineering   Doha

NDT Technician    Queensland

Tank Inspector    Brisbane

Structural Lead    Doha

Safety Agent – Petrochemical    Mesaieed

Distributed Control System (DCS)-Mentor     Angola

Interface Engineer    Doha

Senior QA Engineer     Doha

Procurement QA/QC Head    Doha

CompEx Inspector – Rig Offshore    Doha

Assistant- Shutdown Operations      Qatar

Rover Operator   Doha

Emergency Response Team Member   Qatar

Materialprüfer ZfP (m/w/d)    Schwedt

Materialprüfer ZfP (m/w/d)    Heide

Materialprüfer ZfP (m/w/d)     Stuttgart

Materialprüfer ZfP (m/w/d)    Roggetin

Materialprüfer ZfP (m/w/d)    Hamburg

Materialprüfer ZfP (m/w/d)    Lingen

Materialprüfer ZfP (m/w/d)    Hannover

Materialprüfer ZfP (m/w/d)    Gelsenkirchen

Materialprüfer ZfP (m/w/d)    Leipzig

Materialprüfer ZfP (m/w/d)   Regensburg

Materialprüfer ZfP (m/w/d)    Delmenhorst

Materialprüfer ZfP (m/w/d)     Bochum

Rover Operator    Qatar

Applus Job Opportunities
Applus Job Opportunities

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