Blackstone EPC, Operations and Maintenance and Other Multiple Jobs

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I & constFuctxu PartlHer I

comprehensive multi-discipline engineuing and construdion solutions for Oil & Gas and Energy Sector
Our scope of services also indude Tumkev Engineering, Procurennnt and Construction (EPC) IVlanagement and
Services, Operation and Maintenance Supports and Services, Assets Integrity & Management, Tracing &



Min Experience IS veers
Engineering Manager

Min Exi)thence 5 years
Planner Engineer
e Cost Controller Engineer
QA/QC Engineer
Project Engineer
© prolect secretary
Human Resource Executive

lead Process Engined
lead Medianical Engineer

p lead Electrical Engineer
+ lead Instrument Engineer
lead Structural Engineer
Min Experience 10 years
Project Manager
Min Expedencr 8 Wars
p Senior Project Engineer
Senior Process Engineer
Senior Piping Engineer
Senior Electrical Engineer
e senior Instrument tngineer
Senior Structural Engineer
e Account Executive
e PDMS Administrator

Min Experience 4 years
. IVlechanical Engineer

Piping Engineer
Electrical Engineer

Instrument Engineer
IT ExecuUve

If you are interested, kindly email a copy ofyour CV


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