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Boiler Types, Parts, Operation, Applications

A boiler is a closed vessel which is used to convert the water into high pressure steam. The high pressure steam so generated is used to generate power. What is a Boiler ? Different Types of Boiler In this article

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Deaerators, Deaeration Process, Types, Principles

What is “Deaerator”? What does it do? How does it work? Where do we commonly use deaerators? what is the function of “Deaerator” in steam generation systems? In the following article I am going to bring a brief and clear

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Offshore Platform

Siemens Floating Mobile Power Plant

Together with our partner ST Engineering Marine we received a major order to install a floating power plant for Seaboard Corporation in the Dominican Republic. The #combinedcylce power plant will be equipped with a #batterystorage system:  

Emulsions, Oil Desalting, Dehydration Process

  This study covers only the treatment of water/oil emulsions. Emulsion breaking procedures can be classified in three categories:   Chemical processes:   By adding active molecules (demulsifiers) at a very low concentration (from a few ppm to a few

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Ensuring the Reliability of the Downstream Industry – Crude Oil Primary Treatinq Processes

The reliability of the process units is fundamental to allow refiners to achieve the desired reliability and keep the competitiveness and the consumer market supply.  Operational continuity of a refinery relies on some factors and a strong management system, however, the

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