Enersense Oil and Gas Job Opportunities

Enersense is an operator for experts and workforce in the field of industry. Enersense are also specialized in manufacturing of high-quality steel structures and surface treatment of different kinds and sizes of surfaces. Enersense  have developed versatile support services and a digital software platform. Enersense’s operations, products, services and solutions are divided into three business units: Resources, Engineering and manufacturing and Digital solutions and services.

Resources business unit provides versatile and flexible HR services. Enersense’s experts have strong experience with multinational projects, resource allocation, and management – already experience of 39 countries, 62 nationalities and 562 different positions. Enersense find the right experts in project management, planning, logistics, site management and control. Enersense employ responsibly approximately 1, 000 professionals each year. Enersense focus especially on project workforce optimization solutions, as well as on employee well-being and occupational safety.

Engineering & Manufacturing business unit manufactures high-quality steel structures and makes surface treatments that require a wide range of know-how. Enersense’s capacity is to provide 300 steel construction and surface treatment professionals with the necessary tools for projects. The company has experience especially in energy and shipbuilding industry projects in Finland and Europe.

Digital Solutions & Services business unit has developed the E-Sense software platform. All the company and personal information for the entire subcontracting chain of an industrial project, according to laws and regulations, is saved in E-Sense. Enersense’s official affairs, construction site office and software support services have been of great importance to customers. Internationally, E-Sense has over 7,000 business users managing more than 65,000 employees and updating and reviewing over 100,000 documents every year.

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Enersense are able to conduct business in Finnish, Swedish, English, French, German, Hungarian, Norwegian, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese and Russian., Enersense are the next generation’s flexible business partner, Competitiveness, E-Sense platform and the administrative services, Global network, Resources, Digital solutions & services, Engineering & manufacturing, Enersense optimise, and Recruitment

Job Opportunities: Click on the Job title for more Details/Apply

Mechanical Installation Supervisor    Indonesia

Site Managers     United States

HSE Managers and Officers     United States

Paper Machine Supervisors    Indonesia

Hydraulic Engineer    Indonesia

Completions Manager    Turku

Completions Manager   Finland

Piping Supervisor    Finland

E&I Supervisor   Finland

Project Managers    Finland

Installation Manager   Finland

Project Managers    Finland

Piping Supervisor   Uruguay

Field Engineer    Finland

Technical Diesel System Leader   Finland

Civil Structural and Architectural Supervisor    Finland

Construction Supervisor    Finland

Planning Engineer   Finland

PTW Office Deputy Manager    Finland

Junior Scheduler/ Planner   Finland

Mechanical Commissioning Supervisor   Saudi Arabia

Mechanical Supervisor    Tampere

Electrical Engineers     United States

Electricians/ Elektriker       Germany

Mechanical Installation Supervisor     Finland

Technical Documentation Engineer    Finland

M&A Specialist    Finland

TXS I&C Commissioning Engineer   Finland

Electrician     Finland

Supply Chain Specialist    Finland

Recruiter    Finland

Maintenance Engineer    Finland

Deputy Contract Manager    Finland

HSE Officer    Finland

Radiation Waste Handling Technician   Finland

Project Data Administrator    Finland

Quality Control Engineer     Finland

PTW Officer    Finland

Mechanical PTW Officer    Finland

Electrical PTW Officer   Finland

Buyer    Finland

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Enersense Oil and Gas Job Opportunities
Enersense Oil and Gas Job Opportunities

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