Oil and Gas Project Jobs Africa

Oil and Gas Project Jobs Africa

Airswift have several open vacancies for a major oil and gas project in Senegal.

Please register your interest by applying via the links below.

1. Logistics Coordinators https://hubs.li/H0w-GlT0

2. Night Well Site Managers https://hubs.li/H0w-byC0

3. Offshore Drilling Logistics Coordinators https://hubs.li/H0w-bXx0

4. Operations Supervisors https://hubs.li/H0w-qRm0

5. Senior Field Fluids Supervisors https://hubs.li/H0w-GlV0

6. Subsea Supervisors https://hubs.li/H0w-GlW0

7. Supply Base Company Reps https://hubs.li/H0w-bXy0

8. Well Services Supervisors https://hubs.li/H0w-GlX0


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