Operators, Technicians and Supervisors

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[sland Electrical Technician
Island Instrument Technician
Tqlatld Mechanical Tprhnirian
Island Sr. Instrument Technician
Island Sr. Electrical Technician
Island Sr. Mechanical Technician
Gas Turbine MTN Supervisor
Fire & Safety Technician-Offshore (UA) I Gas Turbine MT
Fire & Safety Technician (Zirku Island) I HSE Engineer
[sland IVireline Supervisor
Fire & Safety Supewisor
Mechanical Gas Turbine Sr. Technician
lirku Island)

Islands Operator

Islands Sr. Operator

Cntltrnl Gac Ttirhinp Sr. Torn?linn
Mechanical Gas Turbine Technician
Fire & Safety Technician (Arzanah Island)
Fire & Safetv Officer

Fire & Safetv Technician-Offshore rt
Plamiing Engineer

I FCC Senior PanelOperator

Mechanical Gas Turbine Sr. Technician