Rotating Equipment Technician Job

Position : Rotating Equipment Technician
Job ID : 200930-01
Location : South Korea
Tentative Duration: 13 Month
Employment Type : Contract

Carries out the maintenance and repair of various types Rotating Equipment such as Pumps, Gear Boxes, Compressors, Steam Turbines and Expanders. This includes the regular monitoring and rectification of defective equipment, disassembly, repair and reassembly of equipment and assisting in the installation and testing of new machinery.

  • To interpret and understand job requirements from preventative maintenance instruction, specification and / or other documentation.
  • To interpret job requirements from preventative maintenance instruction, specifications and / or other documentation.
  • Install rotating equipment in accordance with established standards, limits, fits, tolerances, procedures and guideline.
  • To maintain and repair rotating equipment with established standards, limits, fits, tolerances, with established routines, procedures and guidelines
  • Provide feedback on all maintenance tasks to allow collation of asset history, whether that be written, electronic or verbal
  • Ensure all maintenance activities are carried out to the highest safety and environmentally ethical standards
  • Generates ideas for cost saving/efficiencies, minimises maintenance costs by providing feedback for analysis of maintenance trends or delays and suggesting causes and solutions
  • Deputising for Rotating Equipment Supervisor as required.
  • Assisting in reviews and development of relevant section procedures,routines and risk assessments
  • Perform Technical investigation & Root Cause Analysis.
  • Interact closely with the Planning Team and ensure smooth operation.

Rotating Equipment Technician Job
Rotating Equipment Technician Job

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