SBM Offshore Job Opportunities

SBM Offshore Job Opportunities

SBM Offshore is an organization with a strong, global history of pioneering success and advancing exploration and production technologies. SBM portfolio of high volume and high technology projects stand as proof.

SBM value employees who are committed to performance excellence and undertake their role with integrity — demonstrating initiative, doing things right and doing the right things — on a daily basis. SBM offer unique and rewarding opportunities for the right people.

Your next career opportunity begins right here.

If you are driven to be part of an exciting and challenging team that works on innovative projects with energy and enthusiasm, SBM encourage you to consider joining SBM

At SBM Offshore, its employees are the foundation of its success. SBM have a diverse team with backgrounds covering a wide range of disciplines and expertise and seek to recruit candidates with education and experience in one or more of the following areas:

  • Engineering
  • Operations
  • Project Management
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology and Information Systems
  • QA/HSE

While the scope and nature of the projects SBM undertake continue to attract the brightest people in industry, SBM also offer one of the most competitive compensation and benefits packages in industry.

SBM Offshore provides floating production solutions to the offshore energy industry, over the full product lifecycle. The Company is market leading in leased floating production systems delivered to date, with multiple units currently in operation and has unrivalled operational experience in this field. The Company’s main activities are the design, supply, installation, operation and the life extension of floating production solutions for the offshore energy industry.

Group companies employ approximately 4,350 people worldwide, including circa 650 contractors, which are spread over offices in key markets, operational shore bases and the offshore fleet of vessels. Group Companies employ a further 400 people, working for the joint ventures with two construction yards.

The Group is committed to conducting business in a sustainable way over the long-term by developing close relationships with local people, communities and businesses in host countries, and by safeguarding the natural environment.

Job Opportunities: Click on the Job Title for more Details/Apply

Mechanical Construction Superintendent – Singapore (P1)   China

Process Engineer – Resource Center India   Bangalore

Mechanical Supervisor – CDI-Fpso Cidade Ilhabela      Fpso Cidade Ilhabela

Offshore Installation Manager – FPSO N’Goma   Fpso N’Goma

Production Superintendent – FPSO N’Goma   Fpso N’Goma

Structural Supervisor (Topsides)-3-China-P1    China

NDE inspector-China-P1   China

Piping Field Engineer (PDMS)-China-P1   China

RC Inspector – Site-China-P2   China

Material Controller-China-P2   China

Piping Supervisor-4-China-P2  China

Mechanical Supervisor-5-China-P3    China

Structural Supervisor (Topsides)-5-China-P2  China

Preservation Lead Technician (Mechanical) – China   China

Welding Inspector 3 – China       China

NDE Inspector 3 – China   China

Electrical Supervisor – 2 – China      China

Piping Supervisor-10-China    China

Production Supervisor – Liza Unity     Singapore

HSSE Officer 5-China-P2      China

Mechanical Supervisor-2-China-P2   China

HSSE Officer-China-P1      China

Electrical Superintendent-China (P1)   China

Mechanical Supervisor-3-China-P3   China

Piping Supervisor-7-China-P3   China

Site Quantity Surveyors /Topsides-China-P1   China

Piping Superintendent-3-China-P3  China

Piping Supervisor-6-China-P2   China

Process Engineer (Completions)-China-P1    China

Structural Supervisor (Topsides)-6-China-P2   China

Structural Supervisor (Topsides) 4-China-P1   China

Instrument Supervisor – China   China

Cost Engineer – China    China

Material Controller – China   China

Piping Supervisor-5-China-P2    China

Fire & Gas Superintendent – China (P1)   China

Dimensional Control Inspector- China   China

Piping Supervisor-12-China   China

Preservation Lead Technician (Instrument) – China 1   China

Electrical Construction Superintendent – China-P3   China

Coating Inspector (Topsides) – China   China

Mechanical Supervisor-4-China-P3   China

Mechanical Supervisor-1-China-P2   China

Mechanical Supervisor-6-China-P3   China

Fire & Gas Supervisors (Topsides)- China   China

Electrical Supervisor – 5 – China   China

Electrical Supervisor – 3 – China   China

RC – Document Controller-China-P3   China

Regulatory Engineer-China-P1      China

Coating Superintendent- China    China

Electrical Supervisor – 1 – China   China

Piping Supervisor-11-China   China

Instrument Superintendent-China-P3   China

QA Coordinator-China-P1   China

NR13 Qualified Professional-China-P1   China

Instrument Supervisor – China  China

Instrument Supervisor – China   China

Piping Supervisor-9-China-P3   China

Piping Supervisor-8 China-P3   China

Preservation Lead Technician (Electrical) China 2   China

Ex Superintendent – China   China

Preservation Lead Technician (Piping) – China   China

Coating Supervisor – China    China

Welding Inspector 4 – China   China

Assistant Safety Officer – FPSO Cidade de Paraty   Fpso Cidade De Paraty

Instrumentation Construction Superintendent – China (P1)   China

Scaffolding Specialist on Site-China-P1   China

Control Room Operator – Sbm Operations    FPSO Liza Unity

Electrical Supervisor – Sbm Operations    China

Safety Officer – Sbm Operations   Singapore

Production Superintendent – FPSO Mondo   Fpso Mondo

Mooring Master – FPSO Mondo   Fpso Mondo

Maintenance Superintendent – FPSO Mondo      Fpso Mondo

Cargo Superintendent – Sbm Operations    Worldwide

Supply Chain Manager – Sbm Operations   IPS Onshore

Cargo Operator (Ops)    China

ICSS Superintendent-China-P1    China

Regulatory Engineer-China-P1    China

Operations Manager – Sbm Operations    Rio Office

Material Controller-China-P1   China

Control Room Operator – Sbm Operations   Singapore

DCS / Telecoms Specialist – SXB-Fpso Saxi Batuque   Fpso Saxi Batuque

Site Procurement Coordinator-China-P1   China

Coating Inspector – Resources & Services    Worldwide

NDT Inspector – Resources & Services   Worldwide

 Welding Inspector – Resources & Services   Worldwide

Process Engineer   Luanda Shorebase

HSSE Officer   China

NDT Inspector – Resources & Services   Worldwide

Welding Inspector – Resources & Services  Worldwide

Cargo Operator – Sbm Operations   Fpso Cidade De Marica

Mechanical Supervisor  China

E&I Superintendent-China-P1   China

Maintenance Superintendent – Sbm Operations    FPSO Liza Unity

Offshore Installation Manager   Singapore

Mooring Master – FPSO N’Goma   Fpso N’Goma

Control Room Operator – FPSO Cidade de Paraty   Fpso Cidade De Paraty

Production Operator – FPSO Cidade de Paraty   Fpso Cidade De Paraty

Maintenance Coordinator – Operations   Kuala Lumpur

Naval Architecture Engineer – China  China

Project Procurement Manager   Schiedam Office

Category Manager – Resources & Services   China

Piping Engineer – China    China

QV Document controller-China-P1   China

MPF Project Control Lead    China

Offshore Laboratory Technician – Sbm Operations    Fpso Cidade De Paraty

Package Manager – Piping fitting & Valve    China

Application Support Specialist – Aveva Net    Schiedam Office

Structural Topsides Discipline Lead Engineer   Schiedam Office

Mooring Master – Sbm Operations   Singapore

Discipline Manager Electrical   Schiedam Office

Electrical Supervisor   Singapore

IT System Specialist    Kuala Lumpur

For Discipline Specific Jobs, Follow the Disciplines Below

Electrical Jobs     Mechanical Jobs    Instrument Jobs

Process, Operations and Production Jobs    HSE Jobs

Civil and Construction Jobs   Commissioning Jobs

Drilling, Rigs and Well Services Jobs Rotational Jobs

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SBM Offshore Job Opportunities
SBM Offshore Job Opportunities
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