Urgent Requirement for Refinery

Urgent Requirement For Abu Dhabi Refinery.
Job Titles:
Team Leader, Oil Movement
Technician, Mechanical Maintenance
Senior Operator
Senior Engineer, Projects Planning
Engineer, Projects Development
Engineer, Projects Development
Controller, Shift
Technician, Mechanical Maintenance
Engineer, Process
Engineer, Maintenance
Senior Specialist, Process Engineering
Senior Specialist, Maintenance Optimization
Specialist, Reliability
Specialist, Integrity Assurance
Senior Engineer, Process (Process Improve)
Senior Engineer, Maintenance Optimization
Team Leader, HSE
Senior Officer, Security
Senior Engineer, HSE
Team Leader, HSE Compliance
Senior Accountant
Senior Engineer, Energy Management
Senior Engineer, Piping
Senior Engineer, Technical Standards
Engineer, Energy Management
Senior Engineer, Electrical Maintenance


Should have Experience in Oil Refinery
send your resumes to career@al-thawiya.com


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