May 23, 2022

What is an oil bust?

What’s an oil bust?

An oil bust is when the price of oil drastically drops because the supply outweighs the demand for oil. But it’s so much more than that…

An oil bust is losing so much more than a job…It wasn’t just a job- it was a lifestyle, a career, a way of life. Life must be restructured now.

An oil bust is a man being told this will be his last hitch, but he still finishes the hitch strong. He risks his life and wrecks his body. He finishes strong because he told his boss he would. Even though he was fired, he still works as if he’ll get a promotion tomorrow.

An oil bust is a man who has been gainfully employed since he was a teenager finding himself without work and without prospects.

An oil bust is a man who cries in private because he feels like he has let his family down.

An oil bust is a stay at home mom searching for a job and a daycare for the first time in years because her husband just called and said he’s coming home- for good this time.

An oil bust is a man in his late fifties who was just fired and doesn’t know what to do next… he’s not old enough for retirement, but he’s not young enough to start over.

An oil bust is a polite smile when friends and family give you unsolicited advice about how you should have saved during the boom.

An oil bust is tense conversations about which expenses to cut.

An oil bust is a man staying up late at night, learning new skills online.

An oil bust is a boss who has to fire his employees and feels like he has let them down.

An oil bust is a man who never got around to going to college and coming to terms that his chance at a degree has passed. (His parents couldn’t afford college, so he started working on a rig. Then the kids came and the money was too good, so he never went back to school.) Life isn’t fair and responsibilities grow larger each year. But his kids will go to college. Regardless of the bust.

An oil bust is a company owner whose American Dream ended in bankruptcy.

An oil bust is applying for jobs and being told you don’t meet the qualifications. If only they knew that the oilfield taught you about leadership, integrity, hard work, communication, decision making and dedication.

An oil bust is a woman who must feed her kids on half the budget.

An oil bust is learning how to live together as a family again.

An oil bust is keeping your cool when strangers cheer your job loss because they love the low gas prices.

An oil bust is a lesson in patience, hard work, and bouncing back.

An oil bust is holding your head high and keeping things together.

An oil bust is keeping your faith. And knowing another boom will come.

An oil bust is not for the weak.

Prayers for all my oilfield family that was affected by this mess.